About me

My name is Joanna. Although I am a graphic designer, web and interior designer by profession, my life's passion (and my biggest challenge) is experimenting with watercolor paints.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved simple forms and classical minimalism. In almost all areas of my work, ranging from architecture and interior design through to crafting ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and painting, beautiful simple forms and even primitive forms of expression have always appealed to me more than anything else.

While studying art in Lodz, Poland I found wonderful professors who helped me to enrich my passion for minimalism with valuable knowledge that I still use to this day. I am extremely grateful to them for having given me the opportunity to learn through practice. On the other hand, while I know and understand the ‘rules’ of composition, spatial arrangement and painting and drawing technique, I try not to close my mind to only certain canons of art and form.

Life is our best teacher. I find inspiration in trends I see on the street, and of course my own imagination – like everyone’s – has no limitations!

I like to experiment. I appreciate every positive form of art and I respect every artist who creates with passion. In painting, I do not pay attention to perspective or technical errors. What matters to me is creating an impression that inspires emotion, hopefully joy.

In the process of creating I prefer to use natural and organic materials including wood, stone, cotton and sand. I truly appreciate handmade original goods, and whenever possible I try to show the beautiful works of other artists around.

I have contact with art each and every day. My husband Mariusz Szmerdt is an extremely talented Japanese sumi-e artist. He is also my best critic and teacher. Our son also has a remarkable natural talent for art. It is thanks to my children that I have learned to see the world in all its colours!